Day 1: Favorite Coffee Shop Drink

Day 1: Favorite Coffee Shop Drink

Welcome to Day 1 of the 12 Days of My Mug and Me series.

I enjoy finding the perfect gift for my friends and business colleagues but sometimes I get stuck on what to get them.  So this series is geared towards sharing economical, fun, and imaginative ideas to help you with your holiday gift list.

How many different ways can you use your Travel Mug? Well during the next 12 days you will discover 12 different ways to use your Travel Mug some conventional and some not so conventional.

Now get ready to travel with My Mug and Me, as we discover great gift ideas for you and your colleagues this holiday season.

What’s in the Mug?

Today it is a delicious Mint Mocha Coffee from Dunn Bros Coffee. I splurged today and had it with whip cream – Yum! The Travel Mug keeps the coffee nice and warm and the lid prevents me from having any embarrassing whip cream moments on my upper lip.

Did you know?

When you bring in your own mug to your favorite coffee shop you are not only helping the environment by reducing the amount of paper cups, coffee clutches, and lids you use but you are also limiting the temptation to go for the BIG coffee drink saving you money and calories.

Great Gift Idea

An easy and great gift for any coffee lover is an RU Motivated Mug and a gift certificate to their favorite coffee shop.  If you think your colleague is really cool then add in a pound of their favorite coffee beans, chocolate covered coffee beans, and a big red bow!

I hope you have enjoyed Day 1, I wonder where my adventures will take me on Day 2…Check in on Monday and see!

Susan and T-Mug

(Pictures: Susan driving off to the local Dunn Bros with her “I am Motivated to Defend My Ideas  Travel Mug in hand, Outside Dunn Bros Coffee, Travel Mug with Mint Mocha Coffee and  a Dunn Bros Gift Card, Closer look at the yummy whip cream!)

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