Day 8: Chai Tea for You and Me

Day 8: Chai Tea for You and Me

Here is a recap so far of the 12 Days of My Mug and Me:
Day 1: Favorite Coffee Shop Drink
Day 2: Anyone Care for a Cuppa Tea?
Day 3: Eggnog Shake and a Smile
Day 4: Unleaded Cocktails Anyone?
Day 5: Peppermint Hot Chocolate
Day 6: No Soup For You?
Day 7: Creative Use for a Common Problem

Today’s Travel Mug  use is for another great hot beverage. The temperature is a mighty -9 this morning in Minnesota so this next hot beverage was a welcome addition to the list.

What’s in the Mug?
Today’s mug contains a wonderful Chai Tea.  What is Chai Tea? It is a fabulous combination of black tea, cardamom, cinnamon, ginger, nutmeg, sugar, milk, and cloves. The ingredients can vary from recipe to recipe but these are the basics. You can make Chai Tea at home or order it at your favorite coffee shop, either way it is a nice change from coffee or regular tea.

Did you know?

·         Black Tea is full of antioxidants

·         Ginger has been known to boost the immune system

·         Cinnamon is a great spice for increase your circulation and reducing fatigue


Great Gift Idea
Today’s gift idea includes spices galore that will perk up any gift recipient.  An RU Motivated Travel Mug, ingredients to make homemade Chai Tea, and your favorite recipe for Chai Tea. This way they can make a wonderful cup of Chai Tea anytime they want and keep it warm in their Travel Mug.

Have an excellent Tuesday! Looking forward to Day 9!

Susan and T-Mug

(Picture: The RU Motivated Travel Mug and some of the ingredients to make Chai Tea)

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